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Do you know the Titty Twister Bar? Mos Eisley Cantina? Maybe the Nostromo rings a bell? From The Big Kahuna Burger and Jack Rabbit Slims Diner made famous in Pulp Fiction to the Oscar nominated film about the adult movie industry Boogie Nights with Jack Horner Productions (Making history on video tape). Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart Bruce Campbell's employer's in Army of Darkness to Camp Crystal Lake where Jason Vorhees lurks. Stark Industries of IRON MAN fame to the InGen Corporation who built Jurassic Park, Nerdoh creeps into the fictional realms of movie corporations, places and subtle references only the avid fan will know. Check out this website for further details about Tee Junction here.

We also have quite a few famous personalities who like our subtle movie t-shirt designs. Jonathan Ross remarked that they were 'cool shirts', Tom Savini (actor and special effects guru) owns one of our From Dusk Till Dawn designs, Steve Niles (writer and graphic novelist of 30 Days of Night) has one in his wardrobe and super sexy actress, Emily Booth cavorts in a Hellraiser skinny from time to time.

The continued availablity of their Polar Hat, in white, khaki, black and navy, is estimated to have enabled an additional 16% of otherwise very cold commuters to make it into work this week. Particularly at risk were workers with large heads and no hair, especially in the North East, where a T-shirt is considered an arctic perfomance life saver. Dr Albert Hacket, on secondment from the University of Michigan, and at present in the October R&D department said, 'This super warm quilted aviator style hat, is crafted from nylon supplex with a stainproof Teflon surface. It has been tested out of a van window at over 90 miles an hour into horizontal snow for two hours.

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